Friday, June 25, 2010

first award

Special thanks from me to vdcouture for giving me this award. i'm really happy because this is my first award that i got:D
1. berapa blog yang kamu punya dan berapa umurnya ?
just one and its about a year 5 months

2. sejak kapan kamu mengenal dunia blog ?
since 3 years ago

3. mengapa tertarik untuk membuat blog dan untuk apa ?
a way to explore our passion as in fashion mostly:)

4. apa kelebihan dan kekurangan blog kamu ?
kelebihan-->they say two is better than one.This blog belong to 4 girls living in under same roof:D.
kekurangan-->not as update as others blog. but we are trying to post as often as we can:)

5. award dan tag ini berikan kepada 5 teman blogger yang lain:
they are such an inspiration:)
wynne prasetyo from fashiongeekcloset
michelle hendra from miss chelle
Audrey from
Veronica from
Diana rikasari Hot chocolate mint

Bandung weekend getaway see u soon ♥

Thursday, June 24, 2010

sweet theme

went to a wedding party 2 days ago. I love the decoration there. very very unique.
So here's what i wore

soft cream mini dress-arithalia. pink flower headpiece-cs accessories. pearl necklace-craft festival

by the way i just cut my bang, it get so annoying before i cutted it. love love my new bang!
3 weeks left until my holiday over, must do something worthy beside spending money and being lazy at home.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

plaid on lines

got an early flight so i just pick up my lovely coat and shirt

plaid pattern on my coat

the shirt has lines pattern and the coat as you can see above.
Sometime different pattern can be mixed up too ladies


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

and The Holiday begin (part 1)

As proud as we are to Indonesia we deliver you a review of Sikuai Island,
one of the private islands in Indonesia
Located in west Sumatra. not more than 2 hours to reach the Island from Minangkabau airport
here are some photos which Yana with her beloved camera, captured during our vacation in Sikuai Island
please enjoy♥

mom's batik sarong
i tried to wear it as a dress
view from the front office
how peaceful is this for you?

the island only has 25 cottages so it's really nice enjoying the beach
and the water is so clean you can barely look at the fish without diving glass
.the sand is beautifully white.
what we really like there is that the wave is not so big because the island is surrounded by some small islands so the wave doesn't come so big (so no worries for tsunami).
When we were there we rent a canoe. They also rented banana boat and diving equipment, etc.

part 2 will be posted soon
oh i just love holiday
Do you?