Monday, April 20, 2009

Most Wanted

Combination of curly hair and large forehead is really hard to manage because to cover the forehead you need bangs, and bangs are really not curly hair's bestfriend. You need to blow the bangs everyday and apply some product to get a sleek bangs. Dunno sure whether I'm willing to put so much effort like that. But a good side bangs is what I really want rite now :-p

Maybe something like these?

ps: those glasses are like ours! they are even lenseless too!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Go green!

We know it's not a new cause to say, but we think all of us need to be reminded over and over again to save our environment. Getting inspired by "dapur coklat" not for their delicious melted chocolate but by their encouraging paper bag, here we post and tell you to go green from now on... Here are 3 reasons for u to start caring for your environment:
1. we need to retreat from air conditioner for sure and looking for absolutely fresh air.. O2 is the basic medicine for all living creatures
2. we can live for couple of days without foods but can't make a day without water. Plants and trees preserve water the most!!
3. reduce, recycle, reuse junks will definitely give us healthier place for living, remember the movie wall-e? when this land covered with only rubbish? no more land for us to live...
So, let's do our best to save our environment!!!

Yani and Jess