Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Multiple choice

We as woman never satisfied with our closet, after spending for clothes and the next few months we need more of them. Especially when you in a rush going to meet your friend will you have time digging up all of clothes? i bet not! same with me. It's annoy me when i have to going somewhere with a limited time to prepare.
Here's a little tips for you:
First, If you have a spare time at home doing nothing try to look back at your closet try to mix it up but don't push yourself too much just have fun doing it.
Second, take your camera and shoot a few shot that you had mix. For your guide when you need it.
Third, organize your closet according type, and for your fav put it reachable.
Fourth, Read magazine and others fashion website for some mix ideas.
closet must have: a basic tank top, one cool blazer, black stocking, a basic colour skirt, and one comfy skinny pants.

last word, you are ready gone fabulous
Hope it will help ya!