Friday, January 6, 2012

Kia Ora

Hey ho there
its been so loong no ones writing this blog huh? okay its me now can't wait for blogging again. Guess what I'm currently have a list of writing assignment for the finals next week, but I'm so stressed out writing those paper everyday, and I'm now finding an excuse to get away from them by watching youtube video, check out, running away from the assignment for a few minutes hohoho *warning*. So my class of 2012 has already started in a few days and I'm still in my holiday mood but part of me can't wait for the finals to come so I can have more holiday:).
Speaking of holiday, how's your new year's holiday peeps? me awesome! Me and my whole family spending our vacation in kiwi's island :D

me with the my cute little nephew

photo courtesy by Pebyana

time to go back to the paper, wish me luck:D