Monday, September 13, 2010

me do sketching

I have a good time when I scroll over my mouse over the fashion bloggers these couple year, and through my wooden pencil and white paper and some knowledge from the fashion illustration course that i did last year.I have sketched some of fashion icon and influence. and not forget fashion bloggers. Who have been so stylist and dedicated themselves to encourage others to get more and more information about fashion, mode, style. Now i have a few of the sketches.
I know some others bloggers may have doing the same as i do but I'm not trying to copying them. I just do it for my sketch practice.
Okay enough for the explanation so here it is the first sketch that I'm going to share...

#Michelle Koesnadi from

She has her own style on building up her own blog among so many fashion bloggers arround the world.. I like how she mix up her clothes, simple and no pressure.
For more about her you can visit her blog .

ps: me an amateur sketcher :p please mind the unperfect. and i wanna hear some advice from you guys:)