Saturday, November 13, 2010

JFW: Mazda Presents Young Vibrant Designers

After longing the chance to watch this year Jakarta Fashion Week, I've finally got two free invitations from FashioneseDaily, yeay!!
Later I found out that one of the designer participated in the show is my old school friend, Anastasia Heong. She offered me another three invitations so I could bring Jess, Ni, our mom and a friend to come along. Double yeay!!
Since this is our first time watching live fashion show, we were super excited, we even follow the dresscode, Stylishly Green :-D
Posing before the show, in green dresscode in front of Mazda Stylish Corner :)

So here's the review of the fashion show:
1. Anastasia Heong's collection
Her designs are the most wearable items during the fashion show, combining cream and red with unusual details. The clothes presented are mostly cocktail dress and have feminine and oriental touch.
Anastasia's collection and the designer herself (second photo, on the left)

2. Zacky's collection
His design are mostly black and white with lots of drappery. The models even wore black or white veil! I've found the idea was very out of the box, because it surprised the audience.
Zacky's collection, the designer is the man in the second photo

3. Stephen's collection
I've just found out that he never studied fashion in formal education, but his design is fabulous. More variety, from short dresses to couture dresses. He got the most feedback from the audience during the show.
Stephen Huang's and his collection

Well, hope that these guys can be the next famous Indonesian designer through the years, thanks to Mazda :-D See you in the next Jakarta Fashion Week, then :)