Monday, April 20, 2009

Most Wanted

Combination of curly hair and large forehead is really hard to manage because to cover the forehead you need bangs, and bangs are really not curly hair's bestfriend. You need to blow the bangs everyday and apply some product to get a sleek bangs. Dunno sure whether I'm willing to put so much effort like that. But a good side bangs is what I really want rite now :-p

Maybe something like these?

ps: those glasses are like ours! they are even lenseless too!

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marylin winata said...

OMG I LIKE HER STYLE.. who is she jess??

jessica said...

i don't know lin. it's my sister post..
well lets ask her...
who is she sist?

Yani said...

haha bagus ya dipake gt....jadi pengen punya kacamata gede yang lebih coklat lagi nyaris item kaya gt :p
udah jadi kacamatanya na, wait till i bring them home

Anonymous said...

Haiz,... took me for a while when you told me you gonna get that "weirdo" glasses.., now, I know what you're up to... not bad :) Gonna see you wearing it, k,.. :) Anyway,.. bout "the forehead", you know what, I thought curly bangs're also quite sensual you know, hmm, maybe it's not that easy to treat, somehow it looks good though :p Don't you think so??

♥Sisterhood♣ said...

@ Marylin: I picked the picture from the linked above. It just random picture I googled:) I love her style too.. Geeky but sweet.

@ Anonymous: Humm I've seen one girl on TV having curly bangs. It looks good actually, but yet I don't know how to deal with curly bangs. Do you have any tips, perhaps??:)