Monday, June 15, 2009

Confused :(

Currently confused in choosing the right shoes to buy. I'm gonna wear them to my cousin's wedding this Sunday.

From right

From left

Which one do you like best?
a. The one with bow (price 389 idr)
b. The one with strap (price 349 idr)
Desperately need your opinion !!
Fyi, I'm gonna wear them with beige bubble dress and white stockings (thinking of wearing sparrow stockings instead of white though)
Thanks before,
Xoxo, Na


crazy lil outspoken girl said...

the one with strap!
cuteee..itu charles&keith yah??
kayak pernah liat

♥Sisterhood♣ said...

Crazy lil outspoken girl: Yupss..those were charles n keith, I will buy the straps, thanks for your suggestion

Wina said...

B definitely! the A looks a lil too princessy to me : ) B is perfect!

thanks for the tips! I actually jumped right then but always ended up landing in the photo. Gotta work on the skill I guess haha..

Beki said...

I think it depends on the dress. If it looks slightly more old fashioned the the ones with the bow, but if it's more moderen then the ones with the buckle.

♥Sisterhood♣ said...

Thanks Beki, I ended up not buying that two shoes as I was ready to buy the one with the buckle, then I saw more suitable shoes (I'm gonna posted it soon). So I changed my mind and told the shop assistant to cancel the buckle one, hoho..