Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's for you, curly!

As definition of beautiful sometimes translating into skinny, white, long and sleek hair, having a curly hair can be stressful sometimes.
Curly is identic to frizzy and messy hair.
No wonder lots of girls having obsession with straight iron, rebonding and smoothing. I used to be one of the victim also.

Recently, I've just realized, curly hair is also cool. You just have to know how to maintain it.
I am also still in struggling to befriended with my hair. But let me give you are some useful tips i read on internet and have tried it:

1. Use shampoo and conditioner to smooth your hair and non-frizzy formula. This products also do great on your hair:

2. Having hair spa twice in a month. If hair spa is too expensive, try masker on your hair for couple minutes with extra virgin olive oil.

3. When your hair is damp, use curly hair styling product, what I used now is Hypercurl from Wella System Professional. Here is the pic:
It makes your hair bouncing and define your curl

4. Twist your hair to fingers to create more curl or using hair stick until your hair is self-dried.

5. Use hairdryer and hairspray if needed.


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