Saturday, January 31, 2009


Another ritual in the beginning of every year is watching Teater Koma performance in Taman Ismail Marzuki. This year performance titled Republik Petruk. As the name Petruk, surely the theme is about Wayang world.. It's kinda hard to follow the story if you are not familiar with Wayang story. Watching those wayangs made me remembered my childhood when we only had TVRI as the only channel on TV, and there was wayang show which made us familiar with Gatot Kaca, Semar, and some other wayang's characters.. The show itself was basically a reflection for our politician, our country and its problems since this year will be our voting year for the next president.
I can't say that I enjoyed watching the show as much as my first Teater Koma show (Kunjungan Cinta), but after all the music is so great, I had to give bi
g applause for the composer, he's the one who made this show to be something to remember. I am totally amazed with their ability to do musical show, although I'm sure that not all actors and actresses had real talent in music, but they nailed it!
My sisters and I liked one of the actresses so much who we chose to be the best one on the show, she was the one who played as Limbuk. With her ass that was as big as her voice, she throughly made us laugh during the show. I found her very good picture from the Teater Koma milis, I hope you like it too as much as I do..

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