Monday, May 25, 2009

Tanda Cinta

Another Teater KOma performance that was held in Salihara Theater... i must say the black box concept of the theater is brilliant.. every sound is clearly heard, and every sound that they make is like music. The silence of the audience is everything and the great thing about teater koma is that they have an excellent crowd who shut up, shout, and laugh and the right moments :).

The story itself is about a husband and his wife, who lived separatedly from other human beings, so basically the rest of their life is spending
with each other. the husband always questioned "Is love still there between us?" to his wife. While his wife never answer the question straight because she thought that love can be seen by what we do, how we care. So the husband asked the entire city and spreaded post
ers with the question written on it and asked people who care enough to return the poster and fulfilled his curiousity because the question may be right for all human beings not just between him and his wife.

Not even a single one poster returned.. He asked to the sky, to the stars, no answer. He asked to God...

At the end of the show and the end of their long long life, the wife gave her answer... The husband was so contented... Yes, she was the one who loved him so deeply, the love for him is
there, always there and always will.

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